How To Get More Instagram Followers


Recent studies revealed that Instagram has well over 300 million active users on a monthly basis. These stats can never be taken for granted especially if you are business looking to tap into this ever growing market. The platform will offer your business amazing opportunities for growth being the fastest growing social media platform.

When you open an account on Instagram, your main objective should always be to try and build a huge following one which you can use to market your products and services. The more followers you have the higher the chance that you’ll be able to convert some if not all of them into your customers. We all appreciate when the items we post on social media are recognized. It could be through a simple like or a comment but this is what you want for your post. You can only achieve this if you have a following that supports you. In this piece, we are going to look at some of the ways you can gain followers through your Instagram account.

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  1. Your posts need to be of high quality

People always appreciate quality and this should always be your target when posting photos or videos on Instagram. Try as much as possible to post awesome photos since this is the only way you get to communicate on Instagram. When posting photos or videos, there are a few things that need to be put into consideration: it is important that you remain relevant and only post images that are in line with your business objectives.  You can filter your images and restrict them to: your products, behind the scene shots or your employees’ photos.

  1. Make the most of hashtags

Using popular hashtags is a wonderful way attracting followers to your Instagram page. You can use hashtags to get your posts in front of more users and if they like what they see, they will feel the need to follow you. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be used within a post which is a good thing when compared to platforms such as Twitter which only limits users to 3 hashtags. Avoid going overboard and you’ll stand a better chance of attracting followers to your account.we can use who unfollowed me on instagram such unique hashtags and attract the followers

  1. Timing is important

First of all. Begin by understanding your target audience. When doing so, you need to take into account their time zone and know when exactly majority of your audience are online. The best part about the platform is that it is highly mobile meaning that there isn’t really a favorite time for Instagram users. Users mostly log in to their accounts when they have time to spare which is mostly in the mornings, evenings, on Sundays or even on their way to work or school.

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There are many ways of gaining followers on Instagram including through the option when one can buy instagram followers to raise their figures up. Regardless of which method you choose to apply to gain a following, always stick to your business objectives if you are looking to succeed.

Neko Atsume Cheats on Gold Fish


This involves collecting cats virtually and it is normally perfect when you don’t really want to deal with life cats because you may lack time cleaning litter boxes and feeding them. It is also a good chance to own many cats as you want without having to go through the trouble without taking care of the physically.

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This game will ensure that your cats interact with many things in the play garden. Basically as a player you need to buy food find some ways to entertain them like providing toys and even have some instruments to entice more cats to get to the garden. This game has no ending but that does not mean that you can’t have a goal concerning it. It is also quite challenging to attract cat to your garden because they will only be enough food and other things that they like.

The first section of neko atsume cheats tips includes strategies for the game and just some simple tricks will enable you to keep playing with them. The other thing to think of is the food that you will be feeding the cats because the cant is just is fed with ordinary food since they need to be fed on the better foods because this is one of the reasons why they will always be back and attract the rare cats to the garden. This game also has a lot of cat food and rare cats are highly expected in the garden.

One of the ways to earn Niboshi’ in large amounts is to have a fluffy and a big white cat that goes by the name of Tubbs hang in your garden. You must also have him eat your food and hang out for a little while until he finally wants to go out. You must know that he is the type of a cat who doesn’t easily stay until he leaves you with a gift’

If you notice a certain item or food that attracts the rare cat you should go ahead and purchase them. Then for the case of Neko Atsume cheats, one can actually get Gold Fish by trading them. There is a feature in the setting of the game termed Gold Fish Exchange’ and one will have to go there to get around ten Gold Fishes for 500 silver Fishes. Gold Fish are generally low in prices and one can get a better deal.

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And as the player and possibly the owner of those virtual cats, they will also show gratitude to you by giving you gifts called Niboshi’ which looks like miniature-dried sardines. They are in different colours like silver, gold and they will just leave it in your virtual garden when they are finished interrelating around. It should be in your goal that cats leave you gifts because those Niboshi are adaptable to food and extra junk beside with the capacity for you to create a larger garden extension. They can also give momentos’ as gifts to you. You can as well keep watch on them as you take photos as the will be playing around the garden.

Does Golf Really Ruin Your Baseball?


Professional baseball players are often asked the question of whether they play golf as well. This might seem a benign question from an unsuspecting individual, but baseball journalists have a good reason to ask. There is a common line of thinking that playing golf can ruin your baseball swing. Those two sports have a lot of similarities but also differences.


Here is why I think that playing golf is in many cases incompatible with baseball.

The perfect baseball swing demands a lot of practice time. Rarely do professional baseball players get the time to indulge other sports. As an amateur, you will be better off practicing on your swing rather than entertaining other sports, at least if you aspire to become a professional. Baseball is mostly a motor skill-driven sport. What I mean is that a combination of mechanical learning, muscle memory and skill is involved. By doing two different things at the same time, regardless of how similar they are, you are also training your brain and muscle to perform averagely in both. This is especially true for young children practicing their swing. This is a crucial moment in life where muscle memory is at its peak. Playing both sports will confuse the child and make him or her under perform.

Golf can still be played, but it should be done out of the season. If you have a major-league approaching then you are better off concentrating on your baseball swings and exercises. Out of the season, you can do anything you want, given that you don’t start playing golf more than you actually practice your baseball. Playing golf too much will make you start developing bad habits as baseball bats and golf clubs are held differently. You might, much to your dismay, confuse yourself in a big game.

Golf swings also require different muscles. When you start playing golf more than baseball, you also invite muscle soreness when you resume your baseball.
One of the main reasons why sports journalists also ask this question to professional players is that if the player has enough time and desire to play golf, then why is he neglecting his baseball? Is it because of a loss of interest? Ask any baseball coach around and you would find that they all aspire that their players devoted everything they have, including their time exclusively to baseball. This is not a wanton idiosyncrasy, as baseball coaches know very well that practicing anything other than baseball will dilute the player’s performance on the pitch.

There are of course exceptions. Some baseball players are highly gifted, and in fact, can play any sports they want and still be high performers and genius batters.


Professional baseball players like Greg Maddux excel equally in baseball and golf. When asked if golfing ruined his baseball swing, he chuckled and said that golfing was beneficial for him in the sense that he was better able to keep an eye on the ball. However, this is the exception, not the rule.

In conclusion, when I get asked of whether playing golf ruins your baseball on mdfallbaseball, then I respond with categorical YES. You will be better off practicing your swing that being on the golf pitch. Of course, this also applies to any other sport.

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Latest News On ShowBox APK


As you might all know, Showbox APK for Android and iOS devices is a free app that allows you to watch free movies, as well as, TV shows directly from your smart device. Coming fully packed with both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows, this is currently one of the biggest platforms for watching and downloading some of your favorite movies and TV series free from and cost.


Where can it be downloaded?

Though this app was specifically created for Android smart devices, this app is not available on Play store. It is reported that this app kept crossing rules and regulations of Play store leading to its removal from Play Store. However, don’t get discouraged yet; ShowBox APK app for Android can be downloaded directly from their official website or any other trusted website.

How to download Show box APK?

  1. First; on your smart device, go to settings-security-unknown sources and choose option to allow unknown sources
  2. Once you are through with step one, go to the location of the Showbox file on your mobile and click on the file
  3. Accept term and condition by clicking on Next and Install buttons. The app will install automatically and after the installation process is complete, click on Open to watch unlimited movies

App software updates:

There are quite a number of versions, and once you download any of the versions, it will ask you to update to the latest version. This is important for that simple update will help you access new features and interface. Plus, it can also fix a few bugs and help you run the program in your phone smoothly without any other problem.

Why you need this app today:

Showbox currently enjoys one of the biggest fan bases in and around the world. It does its job perfectly well and here some of the things that have made this app stand out from the rest.

  • You can easily download your favorite shows and movies online and free of pay
  • This app does not need to sign up or login detail’s to use on your smart device
  • It is fully legal and does not in any way use Spam methods to stream TV shows and movies
  • You can stream your favorite and shows on your favorite media player
  • Their databases is constantly updated with new and latest content
  • Users can create a playlist and add your favorite stuff for latter
  • You can choose the quality of the video appropriate to your smart device
  • It comes fully complete with a vey simple and user friendly interface; anyone could install and start using it right away without any trouble

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Showbox, really, is one of the most popular entertainment app you can use to watch TV shoes and movies within your smart device and the best part, free of pay. Install this app toady on your device and you will no longer have to go to the theater to watch your favorite movie. You will never miss what to watch right at the comfort of your home.

Showbox; Why This App Is Worth Checking Out


Regarded as one of the best free Android app, Showbox is a free movies and TV shows streaming application for Android. It is a great application which gives a huge storage of movie and users can watch what they love watching the most in HD for free. To give you a glimpse of what his app means to people who are addicted to TV shows and movies, here is a little bit about this amazing movie streaming app.

Top Features That Makes It Stand Out

· Huge database of movies and shows

Unlike what we have seen in the industry, Showbox offers a one of the biggest database of both the new and the old productions, and the database is updated on a regular basis.

Easy to use

When it comes to ease of use, despite what it does, this is one of the simplest app to use you will ever come across. It can be easily downloaded on any Android devices. In short, this app has bee designed to facilitate the users to easily enjoy their favorite shows without any exertion. This application is pretty simple to use and instructions are also very convenient to follow.

·Great features

Not only does Showbox comes fully packed with tons of content for people to download and stream, but it also provides its users with amazing features so that they can watch their favorite shows when they are offline.

Overall, Showbox app for android is one of the best discoveries for the audio lovers and those who want to enjoy the shows in high definition. This app is compatible will all the Android devices, tablets and mobiles among others. So if you have a tough working schedule and do not get enough time to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie this app is definitely what you should be going for next. You can watch what you love during your ride.