Marina One – Redefining The Standard Of Living

Marina One Residences is one of the most awaited constructions in Singapore which is scheduled to complete in 2017. This construction is a combination of amazing structure and brilliant conceptualization. This is one of the few real estate projects in Singapore that is aiming at creating a multi utility urban space which can be used for residential purposes. The aim is to ensure the property is in close proximity to public transports, schools, malls, shops and more in order to make it a convenient location to live in.03 Marina One will be a 30 storey building that will consist of multiple blocks. Block A is dedicated to offices. One of the things that the developers have focused on is to create a space that replicates a small urban town. The other blocks will consist of rental spaces for commercial purposes and 1042 residential houses. People living here get the benefit of living at a convenient location in luxury.3-ds

One of the best things about the Marina One Residences is the design and architecture. The entire complex is designed by popular designer Christoph Ingenhoven who is known to create designs that are luxurious and eco friendly. One of the main things that the complex focuses on is the health and well being of the resident.

A few details of the Marina One plan are:

  • Project Name: Marina One Residences
  • Located At: 21 & 23 Marina Bay
  • Construction Type: Integrated Development with Retail, Grade A Offices and Residential area
  • Total Site area: Approximately 282,400 sqft
  • Lease Tenure: 99-year leasehold starting from July 1st 2011
  • Number of Districts: 1
  • Overall Configuration: 1,042 luxury residential suites to be built across two 34-storey towers. Construction of two 30-storey prime towers containing Grade-A office spaces. A total area of 140,000 sqft of unique retail space to be built at podium level.
  • Total Unit types (for released tower):

– 229 units each with a 1-bedroom plan (657 – 775 sq ft)

– 144 units each with a 2-bedroom plan (969 – 1,130 sq ft)

– 29 units each with a 2-bedroom + study plan (1,141 – 1,216 sq ft)

– 86 units each with a 3-bedroom plan (1,507– 1,539 sq ft)

– 29 units each with a 4-bedroom plan (2,045 – 2,250 sq ft)

– 4 units each with a Penthouse plan (6,491 – 8,568 sq ft)

  • Total Car park slots: 1,505
  • Expected year of completion: 2017

Marina One is a beautiful construction that redefines the standard of living in Singapore. The construction comprises of the exterior surrounded by greenery and mesmerizing architecture. The Lobby is massive and it consists of video games which the residents can play. When you move ahead, you will come across some of the beautiful and breathtaking Marina Bay area which lies beneath the floor. The only thing that separates your feet from the bay is a layer of sturdy transparent glass that you can step on. It gives you a feeling of walking on water.

Marina One has launched a show gallery which is something you must check out. It gives you an idea of the layout of the property which currently consists of four 1 bedroom flats on each floor. All the one bedroom flats are around 700 sq. feet in size. You can check out the preview of the property to understand the construction better.

Marina One is currently under construction and is scheduled to be ready for possession by 2017. One of the main aims of the developers was to ensure that the residents live a luxurious, convenient life. The property itself in constructed in a prime Singapore CBD area that keeps you at a stone’s throw away from all the amenities you need. The construction will also include office spaces and commercial spaces which are offered on rent.

The Singapore Central Business District (CBD) is an area filled with massive steel and glass buildings. Most towers in this area reach for the sky. The people that work in this area appear like tiny ants walking on wide streets. It is easy for a person to feel small about themselves while standing at the Marina Financial Center.


People pass on from one life to another according to the Buddhists and this according to them is the cycle. A being does not get free from the cycle of life until they live a pure sin-less life. And the living conditions of the next life of a being depends on how the being is carrying out his present life. When a person dies, according to the Buddhist customs certain rituals need to be performed to get the person ready for the next part of his life. According the Buddhists the corpse is either cremated or fed to the vulture. The Mahayana sect also follow the rituals where they have to expose the corpse to some natural entity like water, air or land. For example corpses are left in the woods or in particular places like river banks where they will get consumed by the forces of nature and their soul will move onto the next journey. The mandai columbarium which is a columbarium and crematorium in the mandai region of Singapore provide excellent facilities to perform the last rites of your loved ones.293752 According to the Buddhists if a person can get rid of passion, aversion and ignorance their lives, then they achieve nirvana and get freed from the cycle of rebirth. These are called the ‘three fires’ or life that burn your life out and lead to an unfulfilled life. A Buddhists ultimate goal is to attain nirvana and nirvana comes under The Third Noble Truth, under the Four Noble Truths of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddh had left his life of comfort at the court to find the answer to all his queries, he had forgotten about worldly possessions and comfort and that is what Buddhists are meant to do in order to attain nirvana. Haven’t you seen in the movies that monks who live in monasteries live with nothing but just a red cloth wrapped around them and don’t believe in any kind of cravings.1509324_1225084367532050_2018162732246077283_n

There are two types of nirvana, one is the remainder nirvana and another is the non-remainder nirvana or the final nirvana. The great Lord Buddha is said to have achieved both but according to the Mahayana sect the final goal is to not attain nirvana but to attain Buddhahood where you keep on talking rebirths and help people to attain nirvana.

Nirvana is common in other religions too other than Buddhism like Hinduism and Jainism. Nirvana basically means to get freed from the cycle of rebirth and suffering. Later many new concepts were interpreted by various prophets as to what does nirvana exactly mean. According to interpretations made late nirvana means to live with any kind of emotion like love, greed, expetations and one has to abandon ones desires to attain nirvana. You need to remove yourself from the forest of defilement to attain complete nirvana.

Nirvana was once connected to immortality or attaining a medium where there is no death and many believed that Lord Buddha was a greater being than all of us.

Pokemon Go on a roll

The release of the Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go in USA has swept away everybody with excitement. This mobile app is one of the first widely incorporated reality implementations. Recently it was reported that Pokemon Go will hit the Asian markets very soon. After lashing the US, Australian and New Zealand’s markets with its popularity, Pokemon Go is pulling up its socks to drive Asian crazy. Pokemon Go is a mobile game which rests on location. The Pokemon Company has published it and it is developed by Niantic.  It started off with the countries of USA, New Zealand and Australia after its release in July 2016 for iOS and Androids. The game is the fastest game to be at the top in Google Play and App Store and has left Clash Royale much behind.  Till 11 July 2016, Pokemon Go has registered approximately 7.5 million downloads in USA.  After Pokemon Go was released it was reported to top the charts of American App store’s Top Grossing and Free.pokemon-go-release-date-canada-japan-philippines-india-asia-brazil-how-play-when-will

The game enables the players to catch, engage in battle and train the unreal Pokemon.  Unlike the aired Pokemon series, Pokemon Go does not incorporates the battling with wild Pokemon to catch them. Rather, the players are provided with a different capturing system whereby throwing the Pokeball at the appropriate time with right strength will entrap a Pokemon. A after a successful catch of a wild Pokemon, the players are given two types of currencies: stardust and candies. The evolutionary chain associated with the Pokemon is responsible for awarding the candies. A player uses candies and stardust to make a combat power, but Pokemon evolve only from candies. The combat power determines the strength of the Pokemon in a battle. Experience points are awarded through many in-game activities. The level of the game rises with the experience points. Level 5 enables the players to battle at a Pokémon gym and enters one of the three teams. If a player goes inside the gym where the player of some other is calling the shots, the player can challenge leader of the gym to reduce the prestige.  As soon as the prestige touches zero, the control of the gym is passed into the hands of the player. The prestige of gym can be increased by battling with the leader of the gym.pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-1.0

Following are the pokemon go cheats that will aid you in hacking the game.

  1. Wait for the circles to shrink: A glance at the colour and size of the circles may increase of chances of nabbing a Pokemon and shirk wasting the Pokeballs. The colour of the circles signifies their strength. Red circle is the strongest, yellow is moderate and green circle is weak. Have patience for the circles to become smaller as this will augment the chances of making the stronger Pokemon stay inside the Pokeball.
  1. Gauge the Pokemon that are close to you: Paw prints are indicative of the proximity of the Pokemon. 1 indicates they are closest and 3 shows farthest. When a Pokemon is closer the lower bar will pulse. Be vigilant for the rustling leaves.
  2. Landmark Pokestops are important: Common Pokestops includes post offices, sculptures and monuments. National landmarks are important as they provide potions frequently. Make sure you head off for landmark Pokestops as they offer better items.
  1. Eggs at Pokestop will trap Pokemon: A certain number of steps in your pedometer will incubate your eggs which is another way to catch a Pokémon. So you need to walk rollerblade and skateboard to hatch the eggs. Driving does not count as steps in the pedometer.
  1. Active Lure Modules will attract wild Pokemon: Falling or flowing pink leaves sport Lure Modules and lasts for 30 minutes. 100 coins will fetch you the Lure Module at nearest Pokestop.
  1. Stop AR function while catching tame Pokemon: You must always see the tame Pokemon as keep running away. Turning off AR will help you control them easily and make them visible.
  1. Go to the natural habitats: Parks are inhabited by grassland and forest Pokemon. You will find sea Pokemon near the lakes and other water bodies. Gastly will come only at night.
  1. Special attacks of gym are beneficial: Battles in a gym will give you a chance to ply a special attack by pressing of screen for long time. Not all the gym battles last too long to unleash this kind of attack.
  1. Squeeze out the battery saver: You must use the Batter Saver in the potions menu by turning the phone upside down. The screen will then show a Pokemon logo which will eat small amount of power.
  1. Begin with Pikachu: In beginning start off with Pikachu. Duck off Pokemon like Bulbasaur , Squirtle and Charmander and slowly Pikachu will surface up.

Why Get The Best Baby Video Monitor

When it comes to caring for your baby, you must have the proper equipment that will enable you to always look after them, even if you aren’t in the same room! That is why it’s best to own quality equipment such as a baby video monitor in order for you to check up on your child to see that he is safe and sound in the comforts of his room. But where will you be able to get the best baby video monitor? With the many brands and models available, it may be difficult to choose the perfect one for you and your baby!

Why Get a Baby Video Monitor?

There are various reasons as to why you should get a baby video monitor. Here are some:

  • You may be a housewife that is constantly running errands around the house and unable to get a nanny or look after your child sleeping in his room.


  • You are usually at work and want to monitor your child if he is being watched over by someone else.
  • You would want to ensure your child’s safety, no matter where you are. Also, you will be able to learn your child’s actions when he is awake and you are not around.
  • Some parents opt to get a video baby monitor to watch their child’s actions as he sleeps, so as not to disturb him, or to be there immediately once he starts crying.
  • This is a way to safely protect your child from any potential danger.

Benefits of a Baby Video Monitor

There are a different number of benefits that you would be able to get upon purchasing a video baby monitor. Here are these benefits:

  • You will be able to leave the child as he sleeps, so you have time to work or do errands.
  • You won’t have to worry about leaving them, because you are able to watch your child through the monitor.
  • Some monitors have features that enable better protection for your child.
  • Some monitors also have features that enable you to talk to your child over the monitor, or play music if he cries in bed. That way, you won’t have to go to him and he will learn how to sleep on his own!


But of course, it has its cons as well, such as it being an expensive equipment to invest on, or the fact that some may break easily, depending on the brand you get. So make sure you are purchasing one at a fair price and is assured not to break easily.


Getting a video baby monitor holds many benefits that you would be able to benefit from. If you are interested in getting a video baby monitor, then you would be able to purchase one online, or by you local store, where you might get deals and discounts along the way. Make the investment for your child’s safety and purchase a video baby monitor now!

Two School Unblocked Games Which Can Help You In Your Free Time

There are many games on the computer and which uses adobe flash as their base then there are called as flash games. The basement many of the internet access games takes is adobe flash. The game creation in this software is almost simple and can go easy understandings for the beginners as well. There is no doubt the size and the graphics are very less compared to that of games which are releasing on the market with higher price tags.

These games are easily playable and one time instruction is enough for everyone. It is easily addict-able as well. One can expect fun and passing time while playing these games. But these games are blocked in some offices and schools for not spending the most of the time wastage. So the management blocks the website s of the online games. In school unblocked games are very easily playable, if you are having a boring class. It is obvious that one don’t expect to listen to the boring class continuously. So, these unblocked games will help the students to play in the free time or in the boring time. There are many websites which offer the unblocked games, but here we are listing the games which are categorized in action games.


  • Strike force heroes-2:

Strike force heroes 2 is the second of its series. It is genre under the action video games which here are the unblocked games listings. It is one of the best unblocked games you could play in the mean time at your school or office. You can see some action running around you when you start your game, it may start very slow but when it starts the best you are going to witness in the small length of the game. If you are interested in joining the soldier or army then you have one of the best flash games possible in finding on net. This game takes more time to complete one level. The controls you will be using to play this game are WASD and mouse. Many of the hard core lovers of the games would obviously know the controls WASD, because many of the action games prefer this as the role playing movement. It is the best opportunity to kill your enemies brutally in a battlefield.


  • Sift heads:

Sift heads is an action packed unblocked game which will make you a good shooter. Yes! This is a sniper shooting game. You will be a sniper in this game and await the mission and accomplish it. If you fail to kill the person who is mentioned then you can see mission failed on your screen. The mission you are given will be in high resolution. This is a stick sniper game. You should successful complete the missions to progress through next levels. The main controls of this game are only by using mouse. You should kill the target; you are given circle in which the bullet travels to the culprit.

All You Need To Know About The Extra Time In Soccer

Soccer is the world’s most popular game till date. The fan base for the soccer is far great higher than the any other sport in the world. Soccer is also called as football and it is the most commonly known as the association football. Nearly 300 million people playing soccer over 200 different countries which makes it the world famous game and more than 350 million fans watching every soccer game live in the television sets. The soccer game is played between two teams.

The main theme of the game is simple those who score high number of the goals at the end of the allotted time are declared as the winners. The goal is scored when the player sent the ball into the opposition team goal post by limiting the goal keeper. Goal keeper is the only player in the ground who was allowed to handle the ball with hands up to certain limit. If other player handle the hand the referee allows a free kick or if the ball is the goal post area penalty corner is allocated to the opposite site. Football is the team game and referee is the main person who would surveillance the match. Field Empire may also opt for the TV Empire in case of any enquires.

But you could not never dare to argue with the referee if you do so he have right to send you out of the match by showing the red card. So simply saying referee decision is the final decision. Referee is the only person who can halt the match at any time in the course of the play.


The game is played 90 minutes and the 90 minutes are divided in to two halves and also some injury time is also added basically about 3 to 5 minutes. It the matches are normal league matches the result of the match will ends up in the tie. But when it comes to the knock out matches such as one team need to eliminated then they go for extra time. If the scores remains tie at the end of the allocated time then again 30 minutes of extra time is added for the results which divides in to two halves of 15 minutes.


If the scores are still same then penalty shout out has been come into scenario. For each team 5 penalty kicks from the penalty area is included which consists of only striker and goalkeeper. Those who scores high in the penalty shot out is declared as the winner of the match and other team is knocked out of the tournament. Huh who would have forgot the penalty shoot between the Italy and France in the FIFA world cup final 2006 when Italy beat France to crown the world champions.

There are many online sites which are providing the online details about schedule, scores, news about the soccer. ESPN and star sports networks covers many of the soccer matches

For more information related to the soccer you can Click here and get live updates

Wanderlust – Expedia Coupon Code

Wanderlust is a term which means a strong desire to travel. In each one of us, wanderlust is hidden,. For some, it is too prominent, and they just pack up their bags in a quest to see the whole world. For the other few, it is there, but hidden beneath their will to win the rat race, and it remains hidden beneath their desire to get a promotion. Earn money and finish the deadlines. To travel, is an immense experience all together. The rush of seeing a new place, or to meet new people and eat new delicacies is very tempting. And humans are made to explore the world, not sit behind a desk all day, all their life.

We often make plans to travel, with our friends or families and often they don’t materialise. It might be because of conflicting schedules, ill planning or unavailability of tickets at our desired time. The stories behind failed plans are endless. For some of us, travelling requires minimal effort; just pack you bags and leave for the destination. But for a majority of people , traveling means full on planning, advanced bookings and fool proof research about the place. For the latter, travelling is a time consuming process altogether, and this is the reason why most of their travelling plans don’t materialize.


Wouldn’t it be great, if all you planning, searching and booking can be done by just a click of a button?

Expedia brings you an opportunity, to leave the planning to them and just focus on the travelling part. This too good to be true offers is brought to you by expedia. Expedia is an online travel company that handles hotel reservations, air ticket bookings, car rentals and even cruise reservations. It can save upto 70% of your travel planning, and lets you devote more time in enjoy the ride.

The site is very user friendly. Just visit the site, chose the place you want to visit, and it will give you the air ticket availability, the hotels available and cars for rent at that place. For a person, who doesn’t like to spend most of the time in planning the trip, this comes as a sweet relief. All you have to do now is pack your bags, and you are ready to go!


You can even use expedia coupon code to avail discount on various tickets and bookings. This is the cherry on the top of the cake. The site is user friendly and the transactions are perfectly safe.

Now there can be no more excuse of planning the trip. You can just pack your bags and leave the rest in the hands of expedia. You can visit all the new places you have always wanted to go to, and can research about the place on the website itself. This site has received great reviews from it’s users and is one of the best travel online sites available in the market. Expedia is a pioneer in it’s own field. Now everyone can explore the wanderlust inside them.

Botox Training Rising High On The Charts Of Popularity!

Botox has become magic for individuals on this planet Earth!! Not just celebrities but even a common man of today is taking a step forward towards these aesthetic injectables that has indeed become a trend now. Be it woman, men, girls in twenties and teenagers, nobody is out of the reach with such procedures as the results are efficient and are being successfully handled by professionals of today.

Here in this piece of brief annotation, we would like to shift your focus towards the botox training north east and why the training in botox has been in demand ever since its evolution in the past few years. People both men and women are spending on beauty products phenomenally and thus this has caused an increase in the botox treatments day by day.


Reasons as to why botox industry is rising high!

Some of the major reasons of the increasing scope of botox industry can be enlisted as below: –

  • Botox; A mass market: –

Many people are opting for minimal invasive procedures as a viable option. And not just the ones in limelight like the celebrities or the people in media but even people who are conscious of their beauty structures are saying yes to botox treatments.

  • A drastic shift in cultural thinking: –

Ten years ago, these procedures may have been thought as a wastage of both time and money but in today’s times the society has accepted these aesthetics in the field of medicine with open arms and welcoming new ideas to get the desired output. Botox has indeed become a popular household name, from hair to nails to skin, women are taking this change and incorporating it into their lives very well.

  • Amplification of expenses spent on beauty: –

Women are spending a handsome amount of money on the beauty products and much of it is also spend on the procedures of botox. With such an optimistic increased economic outlook the increment in beauty products is but obvious and therefore the market is flourishing on a high note.


  • High quality of treatments: –

It is not a cookie cutter treatment and there is much more to it than the traditional forms of surgical procedures. In order to gain the satisfaction of the patient, customized treatments are being worked upon which proves to give phenomenal results leading to elevated satisfaction rates of the patients.

More satisfaction rates lead to more people going in for botox thus, there is an increase in the botox training courses.

Kik Messenger Is For The Users Who Love To Stay In Groups

KIK Messenger is an app which is available for free on an android device where people can communicate with friends and families by sending them text messages, pictures and chatting in their free time. The app lets you know the sent, received, read, delivered messages through notification system. Such is the special feature of the app. There are similar apps where you can create group chats with friends and families. These types of group chats are suitable for organizing group’s events. You can be in any number of group chats as you wish, but these group chats will have a dozens of users to chat. One of the best features in this KIK messenger is that, it has an integrated web browser. This unique feature lets the user to open the hyperlink without leaving the app which saves the user time. KIK Messenger is an interesting app which is similar to WhatsApp and line. The most tedious thing is the registration part rather than that it has clean and simple connections.


To sign up in KIK Messenger, you need to give the real name later you need to select the username. The KIK username will be visible to the KIK users, where they will find users to make friends. This makes it a little harder to find friends and it cannot locate the friends list via phone numbers. This is one of the drawbacks in KIK Messenger.

KIK Messenger is a social networking app where users are allowed to text messages through their smart phones. Parents should know that KIK usernames is only meant for teens and adults. This app is not meant for children who are below 16 yrs. This app has some unique features at the same time it has some flipside for safety and privacy. KIK users are allowed to download the other apps which have more features like video and sketchpad. KIK users sent messages can be seen if it is delivered to the recipients who have read the messages, with its one touch. The kind of unique feature makes different from other similar apps.


KIK usernames is messenger where guys and girls can chat who has the same interest and wanted to make friends within the group. KIK usernames allows the teens users to chat and have a dating though online. KIK usernames allows the other user to know the basic details of the user as well as the interest which are written by the KIK usernames. This helps the KIK user to know more about the user’s profile and interest. It also allows uploading pics in the KIK user names profile. You can also comment and you can see how many viewed their profile. The KIK username is only for teens not for the children who are below 16 yrs.

At last, KIK Messenger is a simple app for the users who wanted to be in groups and who wanted to share messages in groups. And people who wanted to invite for events and to organize events, or to invite parties this app is the best app and plays a vital role.

How To Have Your Own Showbox Movie App

Showbox is definitely one of those movie applications nowadays that is becoming more and more popular every single day. It is simply because of the increasing number of people who have discovered the greatness and usefulness of this particular movie app. One reason why it is chosen by many is the fact that it is free. There is no need for you to exert extra effort in working so that you can earn more since it will not require you any amount of money before you can take advantage of it. Another thing is that it comes with a very user-friendly interface that you will no longer need some assistance in navigating it. The big question now is, how can you have this movie application? Let’s all find out.


For Android Device Users

In case you are using an Android device, there is a very important step by step process that you need to do so that you can use this app to your full advantage. First and foremost, make sure to go over the “Settings” tab. After that, you have to find the “Security” button and then activate the “download from unknown sources” option. That is it, and you can already download the television shows and movies that you want to watch from some other sources. However, Google Play is not included.


For iOS and Windows Users

Getting Showbox Movie App for your iOS device or Windows computers actually has the same process. The very first thing you need to do is download an Android emulator software such as BlueStacks. After that, you have to install and run it on your device. When it is done, you have to go to a reliable website where you can download the movie app. Once the download is done, you are good to go.

That’s how easy you can get this movie application. With this app, there’s no way you cannot have great movie watching experience.